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Track has designed an international tender alerts platform, so you can check the public contracting in developing countries on a daily basis.

We offer an information system for business opportunities, where you can filter your search by work type (services, construction or supplies), geographical location and area of expertise. You will receive daily updates of those opportunities matching your chosen preferences, with free access to the content of each notice.

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What are multilateral funded projects?

These are abroad projects promoted by developed countries in developing countries, i. e. international projects promoted by donor countries (contributors) of International Financial Institutions (IFIs) in beneficiary countries (receivers) admitted in developing cooperation plans.

What opportunities offer the multilateral funded projects?

Products and services demanded by multilateral agencies are splitted into three groups; construction, services and products.


  • Consulting services: Professional consultant services on different sectors as communication,  marketing, branding, logistics and human resources.
  • Engineering services: project drafting, final studies, technical assistance, works supervision in infrastructures, hydraulic, energy or environmental works.
  • Information technology services: improving computer goods whilst minimizing system risks.
  • Training and education services: knowledge transference and socialization processes.
  • Transportation and logistics services: integration of means and necessary methods to carry out company’s organization.


  • Food.
  • Emergency support tools.
  • Tool machinery goods.
  • Medical equipment.
  • Educational equipment.
  • Software and computer goods.
  • Office supplies/furniture.
  • Paper, cardboard and derivative products.
  • Vehicles.


  • Civil infrastructures: on several international projects of special buildings, urban management or geotechnical engineering.
  • Water and sanitation: water piping, supply and treatment projects.
  • Transportation: linear projects like roadways, railway or urban transport.
  • Energy: projects of electric, solar, wind, geothermal or hydraulic energy generation and supply.
  • Environment: landscape restoration, waste management or land preservation projects.

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