“Globalization is an economical, technological, social and cultural large-scale process, consisting in a growing communication and interdependence between different countries, unifying their markets, societies and culture through social, economical and political changes that provide a global character.” (Wikipedia)

The race:

Today, due to surrounding circumstances, every company needs to compete abroad; to run the race, with all the opportunities and problems attached.

It’s not an easy race, but not an impossible one either. It’s feasible. Your company can make it. Joining experiences make it an easier task. And it’s Track’s mission to join experiences, from here and there, from those who supply and those who demand.

The road:

To win a race, we need a clear strategy, a clear road. Track is a knowledge platform that facilitates internationalization.  The gathering of experiences is the concept that leads the way to win the race.

In Track we gather experiences from every part of the world, and every sector.

We’re specialized in the Latin-American market, providing our services to any company, of any nationality, interested in this market.

Those experiences are multidirectional; North American companies willing to work in Colombia, Spanish companies in Mexico, Italian firms in Panama, etc.

The objective:

The main goal is to win the race, to finish first, to contract and invoice. That’s why our goal is indissolubly aligned with yours. We’re going to help you work with new clients on new markets.

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